PC & Laptop Repair

Hard Drive replacement and cloning. Motherboard repair and replacements. LCD replacements. Software configuration, OS reloads, email migration and data transfers.

Custom Computer Builds

We build, service, troubleshoot problems, upgrade and can help integrate custom built Gaming Rigs, 3D Modeling Workstations and Video Editing Machines.

Phone & Tablet Repair

Cracked screens, water damage, data recovery, micro soldering, component replacement and more.

Motherboard Repair

We can diagnose and service all types of motherboard and logic boards. No display, not charging, no power issues, failed components, component replacements, ripped pads, trace repairs, liquid damage, ground shorts.


We specialize in soldering repairs of electronics including automotive, industrial, medical, computers, tablets, phones, video game consoles. We have state of the art equipment and use premium parts & materials to ensure the highest quality repairs for you.

Video Game Consoles

Vintage & current gen system repairs and modifications. We can replace HDMI Ports, charging jacks, diagnose hard drive issues and error codes. We also recap vintage video game systems. RGB upgrades and more.

Data Recovery

We can recover important data, documents, and pictures from hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, and server RAID arrays.

Business IT Solutions

Networking, VPN, Server Management, Email Solutions, Automated Backups and much more.

Web Design

Every business is unique and will have their own needs when it comes having the right type of website that will best captivate their targeted audience.