How Much Will It Cost To Fix My Device?

How much it will cost to fix your computer is going to ultimately depend on what is exactly wrong with it.

Feel free to browse through our Shop Page to get an idea of some of our pricing.  However each job may be different.

We will do our best to make the repair as economic as possible and if we feel the repair isn’t worth the cost we will let you know that.

Most drop-off’s will require a diagnostic fee to be paid upfront before we begin any work on it. This deposit will be credited towards the bill if you approve the job.

How Long Will It Take To Fix My Device?

While we cannot guarantee time frames for every repair due to the complexity, part availability, or backlog of existing customers, we can tell you that generally:

Most diagnostics are done within 24-48  hours of drop off. Expect board level diagnostics to take longer due to complexity.

Most repairs are completed within 48 hours of customer approval.*

*if parts are needed for the repair, please allow time for parts to arrive.

Do You Offer On The Spot / Emergency / Expedited Services?

Yes.  For a fee.

If you require on the spot repair / emergency/  expedited repair please indicate so and we will charge appropriately.

Obviously, if it comes down to getting a part; shipping will dictate how fast your repair gets finished

What Cables Should I Bring In When I Drop Off My Computer?

While we carry about 50 different styles of power cords, every manufacturer has their own power adapter standards.  We don’t have every single adapter made on hand 100% of the time.   In some cases, your machine will be powered on for hours at a time, so we always like to have your power cable.  Sometimes a bad power cable can be the source of issues, and while it’s in the shop we can eliminate it as one of the variables to any issues.

I have a standard desktop tower:  We do not need any additional cables as long as your machine utilizes the standard 3 prong power cable.  Some desktops utilize laptop power adapters in which case we’d ask that you please bring it with you.

I have a laptop: Please bring in the power adapter.

I have an All In One (AIO) PC or Tablet: Please bring in the power cord.

Do You Make House Calls?

We do not make house calls.

We encourage the general public to drop off your computer to our repair facility as your computer will not only be diagnosed more quickly it will also be repaired at a lower price.

Can I Recycle My Old Electronics?


Old and broken electronics, cell phones, computer equipment can be dropped off at our repair facility for recycling.

We strip the parts down locally and recycle it via the most green processes available.

We recycle everything from computers to laptops to cables, tablets & phone devices.

Most electronics can be recycled free of charge.   This does not include some printers & CRT monitors.

Your hours are weird. What can I do?

We support businesses and customers from all over the world.  Our business hours are currently reflective of our hours open to the public.

Typically Hours to the public are: 12PM-6PM Monday – Friday

We work outside of those hours to meet the demands.

If you need to make special arrangements, email or call ahead.

We’d be more than happy to accomodate any requests as we understand people are busy.    Reach out.

Have a question? Ask us.

We try to get back to everyone who sends a message as soon as possible.