10 Ways Tablets Are Better than Smartphones

Tablets have, in recent years, been seen as devices that give a perfect balance between laptops and smartphones.

Tablets can be defined as portable notebooks that are built on a mobile operating system. While they are different from smartphones in terms of appearance, benefits, and overall feel, they essay the role of an upgraded version of smartphones and mini laptops that you can carry anywhere you go. It is expected that tablets will surpass laptops to a great extent in the coming years if the technology is something to go by.

However, a raging debate is doing around on many online platforms as to which is better. A smartphone or a tablet. We’ve dedicated this post to help settle this question once and for all.

Let’s get started:

1.       Tablets Have Better Battery Life

Most tablets such as the Microsoft Surface tablet outshine smartphones when it comes to battery life. What’s more, most of them have a better battery life than many laptops.

While smartphones are facing a battery challenge, tablets appear to have batteries that last for longer even when used continuously.

2.       Better Gaming Experience

If you want to have a great experience playing your lovely game, then you might want to grab a tablet. Unlike a smartphone which has a relatively small display, a tablet will complement the gorgeous graphics, the incredible acting, and the tense game atmosphere.

By choosing the best gaming tablet, you’ll have a superb gaming experience than when using your smartphone.

3.       Better Music Experience

If you didn’t know, you can use your tablet to compose or write music as well as read sheet music.

What’s more, with apps such as Cadenza Pro in iOS that allows you to write and read sheet music, you can get a feel of a proper editing interface. The best part is that it allows you to edit, save, and transfer the files to your laptop. It also allows you to share your tune with the world.

A smartphone, on the other hand, only allows you to listen to the songs that were created by someone using a tablet.

4.       Tablets are Less Costly

Tablets have many advantages over smartphones. Apart from being thin and lightweight, they come at a cheaper price compared to smartphones with the same features.

In fact, you can get tablets at a lesser price than most brands’ flagship smartphones. In most cases, an expensive smartphone can cost twice the cost of a typical tablet, making tablets worthy of their cost.

5.       Better in Display

A larger screen is key when it comes to entertainment and gaming, and tablets offer exactly that. Larger displays provide a leeway to get any work done. Compared to smaller laptops, large tablets boast of an excellent display. They surpass smartphones when it comes to productivity, not just in gaming.

6.       Better Video Experience

Tablet comes in handy when you want to peruse apps such as YouTube or Vimeo. Tablets, thanks to their massive display size, surpass smartphones by a considerable margin.

7.       Tablets are More Flexible

Tablets have, in the recent past, evolved as a device that can perform functions similar to those of a laptop. What’s more, tablets are seen as a more evolved and versatile form of smartphones.

Most tablets can take photos, shoot videos, and also facilitate video chats or conferencing.

8.       Tablets Offer Better Reading Experience

Tablets are known to entice people into reading e-books, full-edged articles, novels, etc. in a relaxed and comfy manner. While there are numerous news apps for smartphones available, they don’t offer enough immersive experience due to their screen size as well as other constraints, for instance, battery issues.

9.       Offer Better Working Experience

While apps such as Microsoft Office, Google Sheets, and Google Docs are available on smartphones, you’ll still have difficulty viewing presentations, spreadsheets, and documents, let alone editing.

A tablet, on the other hand, allows you to work and edit actual work on these apps just like you would on your laptop.

10.   Tablets are Less Cumbersome

Here’s the thing, it can be impossible to lug around your laptops when moving around, going to catch a flight, or when riding in a taxi. When using a laptop, you need to look for a flat and stable surface to set it up. You’ll also need to flip it open to type the keyword and view the screen.

A tablet, on the other side, is plain and so you can turn it on no matter the environment.

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