M17RX3 / M17RX4 GTX 675M drivers

Posted in Logistics News on July 15th, 2013 by Logistics

If you’ve upgraded your GTX 580M card and need drivers for a non-dell vbios on a 675M Nvidia GTX car.  There are some drivers that may pick up your Nvidia GTX 675M in Windows.

Some vbios will get this error.  Others are fine.

“Installer Cannot Continue The Graphics Driver Could Not Find Compatible Graphics Hardware Installer”


There are some drivers here that may work for your card:


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Dell Windows 8 Factory Reset

Posted in Logistics News on April 11th, 2013 by Logistics

If you get to the point where Windows 8 starts to become unresponsive, apps not working, etc., you may need to reinstall Windows 8. Without the boot media its a little different than older versions of Windows OS, certain manufacturers have a certain way to reinstall Windows 8. Some are through the Bios/Post shortcut keys (F12, Del, F9 etc,) However this way seems to work with most manufacturers as it is built into Windows 8.

Below are the steps to reinstall Windows 8:

I’d advise you to backup your data before doing this, Dell offers a “Backup Feature” however not all manufacturers will, especially if it was a custom Windows 8 install via disks etc.

First, the PC/Laptop/tablet must boot into windows. (there are alternate steps to reinstall windows 8 if it doesn’t boot into the OS)

Second, Log in, move your mouse to the top right to pull up the Search Charm as they call it:


Click Settings, and Select Power, Then Press and Hold shift, and click restart.

This will then boot into “Recovery Mode” From here you can select the Troubleshooting option, and reinstall your Windows 8 OS.


If you have any questions or if this article helped you out, visit us on our facebook page and say hello.


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Graphene – Better than Arctic Silver ?

Posted in Logistics News on April 8th, 2013 by Logistics

Graphene contacted us to try some free samples of their product.   Apparently this stuff can perform better then Arctic Silver 5 using only a single layer of carbon atoms.

“The measured thermal conductivity of graphene is in the range 3000 – 5000 W/mK at room temperature, surpasses silver and diamonds.”

Thermal compound is used to transfer heat away from your CPU and GPU, and sometimes memory and chipsets.

The better the thermal compound, the faster the heat is transfered and cooler your chips stay, in turn the longer they last (or for overclockers, the higher you can turn up the voltage).

Arctic Silver has dominated the market for a long time, a new contender would be a fun and exciting adventure for all involved!

They are actually sending out free samples to try via their website here:


Once ours comes in we will check it out and post back here with results!





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Downgrading Windows 8 to Windows 7 on a Toshiba for McDonalds

Posted in Logistics News on February 19th, 2013 by Logistics

This guide may work for several other brands, but particularly it does work for Toshiba brands which we’ve seen the most come into the shop with the need to install Windows 7 downgrades on.

Everyone has their opinion of Windows 8 so instead of talk alllllllll the shit we’ll instead show you how to install Windows 7 over it if you run into a problem doing so.

McDonalds approached us with a laptop for one of their stores in Eastern CT.  After Tech Support setup a conference call with us it was determined Windows 8 w/ IE10 would not work with their LMS website at this time.   Part of the website worked with Mozilla Firefox v18.  Then the LMS Portal ran into several other issues with opening attachments for certain pages.   The problem being Windows 8 won’t let you uninstall IE10 – we even set the website in compatibility mode for IE9 through the IE10 XML setup file and it still failed to work. Installing Windows 7 is just another option for this to work correctly.

They handed us the laptop and we got to work.

Except this happened……………

The Windows 7 install locks up every time.


Apparently Windows 8 and manufacturers only use UEFI boot methods now, so this have to be disabled in order for anything else to be installed.

For Toshiba Models (Other Mfg. Models will be similar):

F12 (Boot Selector Screen) ->  [Enter Setup] Go Into Bios -> Advanced -> System Configuration and Change the Boot Mode -> From UEFI Boot to CSM Boot.

IMPORTANT: Next you’ll need to make sure the disk you use is a Genuine Disk with a Digital Signature/Stamp (Some Mfg. This may or may not be necessary)

Save & Exit the Bios and Hit F12 open the tray, insert your DVD and boot to your DVD.

This fixes the hang up problem and now Windows 7 will install.

Drivers…………that’s a whole different article in order to show you how to get those to work with this particular unit.

However a an hour or two later, Mcdonalds LMS was up and running without any hiccups.    THANKS MCDONALDS!


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When your day goes into DAG BRO mode – A spilled drink on your Macbook Pro

Posted in Logistics News on November 10th, 2012 by Logistics

Did you just spill a drink on your Macbook or Macbook pro?

Sarah from North Carolina did, so she sent it to us to have it fixed!

Just like in life, there are no guarantees, pretty much the same goes for this repair.

If you’d like us to attempt fix your water damaged macbook or macbook pro – feel free to contact us with or without your entire life story leading up to the point of the water damage.

Phone: 860-942-8522 or Email: support@logisticsct.com


This article will cover the basic manual logic board boot  to test for logic board damage and replacement of the laptops keyboard.

Because Macbook’s have their power button attached to the keyboard, it is impossible to determine if the machine will boot unless you manually jump start the board.

Be aware of the fact that water will rust and corrode connections and there are separate/possible fixes for that.

However, I am limiting this article to just the manual logic board jump start.

If you’re going to attempt this yourself, read on, we’re not responsible for further destruction.

IMPORTANT:  You need to let your Macbook dry out for a day or two.  Or spot dry as much visible water spill as possible.

Do whatever you can to get the water out of the laptop, without making more of a mess or a chance for the water to circulate deeper into the laptop.

After completing these steps if your Macbook to boot 

One of two things that happened:

1.  You shorted out the logic board and the keyboard (you can attempt connection cleaning the board)

2. You shorted only out the keyboard


Testing your Laptop after the water spill:

Important: The power button is attached to the keyboard so if your machine won’t boot, it’s normal.

Luckily we can short the contacts of the power connector and boot the board.

Remove the bottom cover and get to the keyboard connector on the logic board. (8-12~ screws)

Locate your keyboard connector. (See below.)

Shorting Pin #5 on the keyboard connection (#5 from the right with battery facing up) of the logic board to a ground point will boot the laptop.

This is true for most late model macbooks and macbook pros from 2008~present.

Some models have different ways to do this, however this will work for 90% of the newer unibody laptops.

If it doesn’t boot up, you can try and locate any obvious signs of stains / corrosion but things will be looking grim if its not obvious enough.

Every machine is different so without seeing it in person it’s tough to say what is preventing the machine from booting.

Check RAM, battery, AC Adapter only plugged in etc.


IT BOOTS! – Now the hard part:

If it boots up great, you’ll hear the Apple Chime and be sure to clean any left over residue with contact cleaner as best as possible when disassembling the unit.

Now you need to take the keyboard out.  This is different on all models but basically the same.

The logic board, optical drive and anything else blocking the path to the keyboard needs to be removed.

Screws screws and more screws.

You’ll be disassembling the entire machine to get to the keyboard.

Oh and then there is the keyboard screws:

Once you have removed the old keyboard & installed the new one (generally around $70) connect everything together the way it came apart:


When you’ve done it correctly:


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BEST World of Warcraft Computer Builds

Posted in Logistics News on October 19th, 2012 by Logistics

So you probably found us because your computer sucks.  BUT! it doesn’t have to.  With Mists of Pandaria just released, you most likely want to show off how bad ass your L90 Paladin is to the world.

Let Logistics help.  Unlike other the Custom Build Computer Companies.

We work directly one on one with you to achieve your goal of [Grand Marshal].


You get dealer pricing on all parts through our Dealer Direct Newegg pricing.  The parts in your computer matter, they have to have the correct combination to achieve maximum performance.  We only suggest using high end components from reputable performance manufacturers.   For this,  the parts generally run at a minimum for a tower, around 1000$ directly through Newegg.  If you’re spending $3000 or more you most likely are getting

How it works:

1. Contact us (1-860-942-8522 or email us @ support@logisticsct.com)

2. Describe your parts budget ->  We’ll only suggest high end brand name parts,  Most builds run around 1000$ with correctly matched high end parts.  Anything much more less than this and you’ll be better off heading to Best Buy for your disposable gaming machine.  We build our machines to stand the test of time.

3. We build you an invoice -> You approve your parts, and pay for them.  They ship to our offices for assembly and testing.

4. We assemble, configure, stress test, and performance benchmark your new machine.

5.  At the end -> You simply pay for labor and shipping (Most machines are $200 + 50~ shipping).

The end result is a machine that will last for years and many expansions to come.


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Paperless Invoices & Work Orders with your Ipad or Tablet

Posted in Logistics News on October 15th, 2012 by Logistics

The Gutter Guy stopped in with his new Ipad 3, and demanded the following:  MAKE THIS FORM PAPERLESS ON MY IPAD.  I WANNA EMAIL IT, PRINT IT, AND SEARCH FOR IT LATER.

Okay, no problem.  A few hours later and his business can fully function directly from his Ipad.

There are many options out there in terms of applications on the Ipad & Android App Stores.  Some cost $, others are free.

With a little research we determined which application would be a good match for Chris the Gutter Guy.  There are many to choose from.

Some work better than others for the particular business.

With some tweaks and some setup, we took his carbon copy invoice sheets and transformed his Ipad into a mobile machine that can pump out invoices as fast as he can install gutters.

He now has the ability to fill out his invoice via talking (thx siri!), add notes via stylus, printing, emailing, searching and saving, all right from his Ipad.

Thanks Chris!

Contact us today analyze your business and set you up with a paperless solution for your business.

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Toshiba Black Screen Motherboard Repair

Posted in Logistics News on September 21st, 2012 by Logistics


Toshiba Satellite P505 with a black screen and won’t boot, no beeps and no hex code key blinks.

Trying the obvious ram, screen checks and etc.





REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS: Sometimes reflowing the solder, we can reconnect the worn out or corroded/broken solder points on the board.  

Things Required: Heat Gun, Screw drivers, Thermal Paste and knowing how to press a button





























































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Fixing a faulty laptop Motherboard or CPU

Posted in Logistics News on August 28th, 2012 by Logistics

The most frustrating laptop issue is no doubt the “no boot / black screen but powers on” can be caused by for a few different reasons.  But without an error code, it’s sometimes hard to tell what the issue can be.  It’s not difficult to check the basic things; swapping memory with known working models, cleaning memory ports, Ac Adapter, verifying the LCD is ok, (the list goes on and on) etc.


In some instances, especially with todays $300 disposable laptops and their “get what you pay for” quality, a faulty motherboard / solder connections to video and/or CPU could most likely be the issue.

Michele, a local Willimantic customer in Connecticut sought us out for her Inspiron M5030 throwing 7 beeps upon bootup, indicating it was a faulty CPU or CPU connection.

It’s very important to narrow down the issue before jumping to the next step, luckily in this case, Dell was kind enough to list the error codes in their service manual.

Without the error codes, its possible to narrow down the problem, but it just takes longer.

After disassembling the unit,  disconnecting and reattaching the CPU, it still wouldn’t boot with the same error codes.

The next few steps is the fun part.  Proceed with caution, we’re not responsible if you blow up your laptop, your house, or anything else that you might try to sue me for.

If you don’t feel comfortable working on your laptop, we offer mail in service or if local to CT, PC or Laptop drop off service.  If we don’t fix it, you don’t get charged.  

Contact us for more information.

Most of these motherboard, CPU/GPU repair jobs are done for around $60.

Steps to take if you want to attempt to fix it yourself

Things you’ll need:  Screwdrivers and any other tools needed to work on your laptop, a Heat Gun (needs to be able to put out around 350-400 degrees F)

Step 1.  Get all the stuff I just described together ^

Step 2.  Disassemble the laptop to reveal the part you want to work on, in this case the CPU, some laptops may require you to take the motherboard out of the unit in order to get to the CPU, GPU and Chipset,

Step 3. *IMPORTANT* Take off heatsink, clean and remove any thermal paste, and any plastic or connections / boards surrounding the CPU, GPU or Chipset.

Step 4.  Most laptops have 3 chips dedicated on board close together, locate them.

In this case:

Step 5.  Apply Heat gun for 2-3 minutes on the area in question to reflow the solder connections.

Step 6.  Reapply thermal paste (we use Arctic Silver for the best results of thermal conductivity), reattach heatsink and anything else you disconnected & boot machine to test your work.

Step 7. If the same problems exist, you may not have left the heat gun on long enough, left it on for too long, orrrrr the board is dead.  Repeat the same steps again for round 2.

If you did it correctly the end result is the following:

Questions? Contact Us or leave a comment below.


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MechWarrior Online Custom Gaming PC’s

Posted in Logistics News on July 26th, 2012 by Logistics

Looking for a MechWarrior Online custom gaming PC?

So look no further, and let us build one for you!

Get Newegg Dealer Pricing on all parts.  Simply pay for labor and shipping to you.

All machines come software tuned for games, and absolutely ZERO “junk-ware” and “trial-ware” that slow down your machine.


See our portfolio of custom gaming PC’s or contact us.

We will make MechWarrior launch day:  BEST. DAY. EVER.

Contact us for details and have a brand new custom desktop ready for your Mech.


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