Gamecube GC DUAL HDMI Install Service

Gamecube GC DUAL HDMI Install Service


This service is for mail in modification for your Nintendo Gamecube.

Our service includes installation of your GCDual HDMI includes kit installation and case modification and testing.

Important Note: Please make sure you have purchased an GC Dual HDMI kit from >> here <<.

If you’re looking for a cleaner look on modern displays this modification is great.   This is the best 480p upgrade modification available for the Gamecube. We’ll fully test all connections and make sure everything works 100% before mailing it back to you.

If you want us to swap your LED Power on color to a different one from Game-Tech included in your kit, let us know and we’ll include the swap for free.

See below for Terms & Conditions.

After Payment has been processed you will need to ship it to us.

Please ship your device via USPS, UPS or FEDEX with shipping and insurance to:

361 Boston Post Road
North Windham, CT 06256

What to Include:

Your Gamecube only.

Power adapter, controller and AV Cables are not required, make sure no games are in the tray if sending a complete unit.

Pack it well for shipping.

Important Notes:

Please make sure your console is turning on and functional before mailing it to us.  We aren’t responsible if we receive your item and it doesn’t turn on.

If you are drop shipping a unit from eBay or another online retailer, please let us know.  We’re glad to accept them.

If your console has other issues, please notify us before hand and we can accommodate anything you need.

Please check this before sending it to us.

This is not for the sale of an GCDual kit, this service is for the installation of the kit that YOU have purchased. 

Terms & Conditions

Customer is responsible for shipping the device to us.

We are not responsible for damaged devices during transit.

Customer is responsible for making sure the console is clean and sanitary, we reserve the right to decline your console if it is unsanitary or charge accordingly.

Please note actual price may vary based on model and cost of parts.

Please allow extra time for repairs if components and/or parts are not in stock.

Once device is repaired you will be notified of shipping details.

Parts & Labor warranty 6 months.