Sega Saturn FM1808 FRAM Memory Mod Service

Sega Saturn FM1808 FRAM Memory Mod Service


This service is for mail in modification for your Sega Saturn and includes free standard shipping back to you.

Our service includes removal of your existing SRAM chip and includes a New FM1808 (FRAM) Chip with installation.

Sick and tired of your internal battery dying and losing your save games?  Well this mod will settle that problem once and for all.

The FM1808 chip will replace your OEM SRAM chip located on the front or back of your Saturn’s Mainboard and will allow it to remember your save games even when your internal battery dies.

When ordering:
Sega Saturn Complete refers to a fully assembled Sega Saturn that you are mailing to us.
Sega Saturn Mainboard Only means you have removed the mainboard and will be responsible for reassembly upon receiving your modified board.

See below for Terms & Conditions.

After Payment has been processed you will need to ship it to us.

Please ship your device via USPS, UPS or FEDEX with shipping and insurance to:

361 Boston Post Road
North Windham, CT 06256

What to Include:

Your Sega Saturn, no cords or controllers are required, make sure no discs are in the tray if sending a complete unit, packed well for shipping.

We’d suggest Saturn Mainboard only due to cost savings on shipping and labor, but completely up to you.

We’ll supply the FRAM chip.

Important Notes:

Please make sure your console is turning on and functional before mailing it to us.  We aren’t responsible if we receive your item and it doesn’t turn on.

If your console has other issues, please notify us before hand and we can accommodate anything you need.

Please check this before sending it to us.

If you want to save your existing games, please transfer your existing save games to a Action Replay cart as they will be lost during this modification.

Action Replays can be purchased here >>  Action Replay Plus <<

Terms & Conditions

Customer is responsible for shipping the device to us.

We are not responsible for damaged devices during transit.

Customer is responsible for making sure the console is clean and sanitary, we reserve the right to decline your console if it is unsanitary or charge accordingly.

Please note actual price may vary based on model and cost of parts.

Please allow extra time for repairs if components and/or parts are not in stock.

Once device is repaired you will be notified of shipping details.

Parts & Labor warranty 6 months.