Atari 2600RGB Mod Installation

Atari 2600RGB Mod Installation


This service is for mail in modification for your Atari 2600 for RGB output.  If you’re looking for the best color and clarity on original hardware then look no further than the Atari 2600RGB kit.

We can customize the installation however you’d like with S-VIDEO, Component Jacks, SCART or SNES MultiOut via HD Retrovision Cables.

Important Note: Please make sure you have purchased an 2600RGB kit from ETIM >> here <<

This Atari 2600 RGB Mod does not modify any system or software code to your device, it is purely a hardware upgrade.

Let us know which video output you prefer.  Check the gallery for different options used previously.

If you want to do any other mods while it’s here such as the Pause Button Mod or Power LED mod.

Our service includes installation of your 2600RGB kit, power refresh of your Atari Motherboard and any case modification + vigirous testing w/ Photos.

This kit is very high quality and works beautifully with an OSSC or RetroTink, so please be sure you have a compatible TV or Upscaler to hook this Atari up to once you get it back.

Atari 2600RGB installs also include the following:

Due to the nature and complexity of the 2600RGB Mod understand, it will require the Atari board to be perfect to get the best stability, some are 40+ years old now.

We do a complete recap and power refresh of the Atari Main Board (4 or 6 switch varients), new Power Jack, Capacitors, Upgraded Filters and all service bulletin upgrades.

The labor is included in the price.  The parts run around $10 for the kit.  We keep them on hand as we do quite a few of these.

The Atari2600RGB wiring supplied is on the smaller side gauge wise, we upgrade the wiring for free with thicker gauge wires for video and sound.

Pallete Switch is installed typically on the back of the top case, not the controller.   Some people choose to omit this mod completely. 

Remove the RF Box from circuit (removes unnecessary noise from the video and sound output)

We’ll fully test your units functionality to make sure it’s 100% perfect before mailing it back to you.

Install your video output of choice, SCART (mini din 8), SNES Multiout, Component Jacks or S-Video.

Seperate Audio output if requested.

If you want to customize any of this, let us know, we will accomodate you.


After Payment has been processed you will need to ship it to us. 

Please ship your device and kit via USPS, UPS or FEDEX with shipping and insurance to:

361 Boston Post Road
North Windham, CT 06256

This purchase includes standard free shipping back to you.

What to Include:

Your fully working Atari, 2600RGB Kit, any other mods requested (power cable, controller, games not required), pack it well for shipping.

Important Notes:

Please make sure your console is turning on and functional before mailing it to us.  We aren’t responsible if we receive your item and it doesn’t turn on.

If you are drop shipping a unit from eBay or another online retailer, please let us know.  We’re glad to accept them.

If your console has other issues or modifications, please notify us before hand and we can accommodate anything you need.

Please check this before sending it to us.

This is not for the sale of an 2600RGB kit, this service is for the installation of the kit that YOU have purchased. 

Terms & Conditions

Customer is responsible for shipping the device to us.

We are not responsible for damaged devices during transit.

Customer is responsible for making sure the console is clean and sanitary, we reserve the right to decline your console if it is unsanitary or charge accordingly.

Please allow extra time for repairs if components and/or parts are not in stock.

Once device is modified you will be notified of shipping details.

Parts & Labor warranty 6 months.