BEST World of Warcraft Computer Builds

So you probably found us because your computer sucks.  BUT! it doesn’t have to.  With Mists of Pandaria just released, you most likely want to show off how bad ass your L90 Paladin is to the world.

Let Logistics help.  Unlike other the Custom Build Computer Companies.

We work directly one on one with you to achieve your goal of [Grand Marshal].


You get dealer pricing on all parts through our Dealer Direct Newegg pricing.  The parts in your computer matter, they have to have the correct combination to achieve maximum performance.  We only suggest using high end components from reputable performance manufacturers.   For this,  the parts generally run at a minimum for a tower, around 1000$ directly through Newegg.  If you’re spending $3000 or more you most likely are getting

How it works:

1. Contact us (1-860-942-8522 or email us @

2. Describe your parts budget ->  We’ll only suggest high end brand name parts,  Most builds run around 1000$ with correctly matched high end parts.  Anything much more less than this and you’ll be better off heading to Best Buy for your disposable gaming machine.  We build our machines to stand the test of time.

3. We build you an invoice -> You approve your parts, and pay for them.  They ship to our offices for assembly and testing.

4. We assemble, configure, stress test, and performance benchmark your new machine.

5.  At the end -> You simply pay for labor and shipping (Most machines are $200 + 50~ shipping).

The end result is a machine that will last for years and many expansions to come.