Facebook lifejacking and clickjacking

Facebook users are falling victim to new types of attacks called “lifejacking” or “clickjacking”.  Users will see posts that their friends have “liked”, and click on them.  When clicked on the page brings you to another page asking to confirm your age.  When anything is clicked on either the X to close the window or confirming your age – the website will automatically run a script to have you like their website – this in turn propagates to your friends, and their friends and so on and so forth.

Some of the links currently in circulation include “This man takes a picture of himself every day for 8 years” and “World Cup 2010”.  The main point behind this is most likely to turn over Ad revenue via web advertising / traffic (thousands+ of hits per day on the site) and has not been found to be malicious in anyway.

Pretty cool way to make some money, but kind of annoying to people who click the links.  In any case, keep and eye out for what people are posting.  If it doesn’t look like a reputable site, don’t click it. Or if you really want to stay out of trouble don’t click on ANY links.   Other than that, these types of things always come and go,  people will never stop trying new and innovative ways to exploit people and software.

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