Windows XP 36 in 1 ULTIMATE BOOT DISK by Mystical Computers, Mystic CT

Wanted to share with other techs out there who spend hours reinstalling windows with drivers etc. This will save you a lot of time (unless you are imaging of course) One of my local colleagues helped developed this disk, took him a few years and a few people helping. Hope you enjoy it, leave feedback. (and donate to Pete if you like it!)  This thing is basically all versions of Windows XP SP3 with drivers for some manufacturers put onto one disk.


Free Download Site:

This is 36 disks in 1. It will fit on a single DVD due to packing with a special app. Duplicate files are written only once so it will all fit easily. If you need a genuine key, you will need to buy it from Micro$oft.

This is the work of many dedicated souls. The one who put their work all together in this form is called SATHANAS. He was once a member here, but was banned for some reason or other and refuses to return. I agreed to post this for him because I used it and it is totally awesome. If you are a PC tech, you want this. Sathanas asked me to add here that if you have something negative to say about this, other than a bug you found or some legitimate issue, go find something else to do with your time. Nobody cares if you think XP sucks or is worthless. If you don’t want this, fine. Don’t download it. Move along now.

Changes since last release:
1) Updated driver packs, Windows Updates and program addons
2) Added 2 updates needed for Tablet
3) Fixed bug- XP Pro installing as MCE
4) Fixed bug- OEMSCAN can’t differentiate between MCE and Tablet
5) Fixed bug- Timezone keeps resetting to GMT
6) Fixed bug- MU/WU continually wants to install KB955759
7) Added support for more OEMs


  • Hi, I agree, this is a truly remarkable disc. As you seem to have some contact with its creators, could you ask if a USB stick version is available or possible to be made of the 36-in-1? In these modern times, many computers do not come with an optical drive, however, booting from USB media is commonplace and even more effective, also so much faster. Thanks.

  • Is there anyway to install this via PXE booted into bart pe?? Some manual command to launch the custom installs?

  • great disc

  • For those who are running across this this and want to use this with a thumbdrive… I suggest giving the Zalman ZM-VE300-SE a look. It’s a portable 2.5″ HDD enclosure with USB 3.0 support BUT it has the added feature than you can spoof an ISO image on the drive as a CDROM/DVDROM/BluRay disk/drive connected via USB.

    I’ve been using Zalman’s older USB 2.0 version of this for years and it’s becomes my own personal wonder tool for computer repair. I have a 300gig Seagate HDD in mine with over 200 gigs of ISOs including several Windows multi-install-disks (including this one), Ubuntu, Mint, Ubuntu Server, UBCD, HBCD, Backtack, Paragon HD Manager, Clonezilla Live, Ms Office 2007-2010, Adobe Master Collection CS4-6, and even copies of recent games for the occasions when clients end up with bad disks.

    Since I do all my repair work on-site this has allowed me to go from several large binders of DVD disks that must go with me every where (and the disk end up getting broken or left in clients drives more often than not) I have one simple portable hard drive which contains every ISO I might need and, to date, I have yet to find a computer the the ability to boot from USB that could not boot from my Zalman PHDD. So any computer made in the last decade essentially.

  • Hi, I’d like to download this but link is broken or down. Is their another link i can use? if so send me an email with link thanks


  • Hi ! Congrats for this release ! Is it possible to have ITALIAN LANGUAGE during installation from 1 of these SP versions ? Is it possible to realize a PenDrive with this ISO ? Thanx for your work ! Congratulation !

  • Thanks!

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