Best way to remove a broken headphone jack inside of laptop or phone

We see broken cracked off headphone jacks inside phones and laptops from time to time, and it can be a little tricky to get one out without damaging your headphone port.   While we will gladly help you get it out, here is a little trick you can use that pretty much always works if the jack is visible inside and broken halfway or so with metal and plastic exposed.

Remember we can’t take responsibility if you destroy your laptop or phone.   Please remember to shut off your device and take out the battery when working with board level components like the headphone jack.  Electricity is not your friend here.

Materials you’ll need to do this:

  • Safety Pin
  • Pretty Strong Super Glue – This stuff works great for this project -> Gorilla Glue Gel
  • Heat source (lighter or heat gun will work) (optional but helps speed up the process)
  • Toothpick or fine pointed tweezers (optional)

Now depending on how it happened and where the jack is cracked inside your device, this method may or may not work for you.

Just know you may need to improvise this method or sometimes you’ll luck out and all you need is a nice set of tweezers.  Every broken headphone jack project is a little bit different and the method needed can vary slightly.  Unfortunately they all break in different spots and the headphones themselves are all made a little differently.

To start, you’ll want to first clean any loose debris or loose plastic from inside the your headphone jack port.  Use a small set of tweezers or a toothpick to clean it out if it’s got any loose material hanging around inside the headphone jack socket.

(Optional): Next you’ll want to heat the sharp pin of the safety pin so it slides into the plastic like BUTTA!  


You’ll want to poke the safety pin slightly off to the center near the metal core of the broken jack but into the actual plastic core to create a nice hole for your pin to sit inside.  You want a tight fit here.  If you mess up, use another side to anchor against.  You should have about 4 tries to do this right depending on how it broke.  You should feel it slowly press in. Use caution. Use a little force, but don’t force on it too hard on it or you will push it through the actual headphone jack of the laptop or phone.

You don’t want to apply too much pressure as you can destroy your headphone jack if it’s not yet already destroyed.

Once you create the small cavern for the safety pin to sit inside, pull the pin out and get your super glue ready.

You’ll apply a fair amount to the tip of the pin but not too much super glue. You want to create a nice seal between the tip and the hole you created in the cracked jack.  Coat the tip of the pin with your glue and slowly put the pin back to the hole you made and hold it steady for 20-30 seconds while the initial bond is created.  Be careful not to touch any of the sides of the headphone jack with super glue or you can possibly botch the whole project.

What you are looking to do is create a seal between the safety pin and the hole you created in the broken jack inside of the laptop jack.

After you’ve got your super glue on the pin and pushed it into the hole you made in the broken jack, let it sit.  Don’t touch it for an hour or more.  Let it fully bond and cure to the Plastic of the broken jack.

After an hour or two, yank on the safety pin with a steady but fair amount of force.

If done correctly, your broken jack should pop out without damaging any of your headphone internals of the phone or laptop.

Again, this may not be the case for you.  Depending on your situation your headphone jack may already be damaged.

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