Save money on gas in Connecticut

With gas prices rising every day people are looking for more and more ways to save on gas.  Here are some tips to help your car get better fuel mileage and for you to save money at the gas pump.

Your car’s maintenance is important.

1. Start by removing unnecessary junk from your trunk.  Excess weight causes the car to use more fuel.

2. Make sure to keep your ties inflated and a well tuned engine will burn less gas.  routine maintenance and regular tuneups will keep your car going.

3. When purchasing gas make sure to buy the lowest grade appropriate for your car.  There is no sense to pay more for a higher octane if your car does not need it.  So check the owner’s manual and save some money.

4. Also don’t use your credit or debit card at the gas stations as they charge extra for the service fee.  The more gas you put in wont always stay in.  Trying to constantly top off the gas tank will make the gas seep out.

5. Driving has a lot to do with fuel economy.  Fast acceleration burns extra fuel and also hurts the transmission.  Drive the speed limit.  Most speed limits in Connecticut are 55-65 MPH.  Driving at 55 MPH can save you two miles to the gallon than driving at 65 MPH.

6. In the cold New England winter long warm-ups are also not necessary.  They just waste gas and your car only needs one minute to get ready to drive.

7. More importantly car-pooling and the use of public transportation.  Why make two or three cars take the same trip when you can fit into one car?

8. Some last good habits are to make sure your gas tank is on securely as gas can easily evaporate from the tank.  Make your next car a fuel efficient car.

9. Now that the cold winter is over be smart with air conditioning in city driving and open your windows but on the highway its better to close the windows and use the air conditioning.

10. Lastly remove those snow tires with the better weather.

Don’t wait for gas prices to go down, follow these good habits and your costs will go down!