Nintendo Switch Schematic // SD Card Parts

Looking for a Nintendo Switch Schematic?   Me too.   I will update this page as more information becomes available.

Last update:  06/26/2021

>> Nintendo Switch Switch Major and Minor Parts & Part Values
>> Nintendo Switch USB-C Pin Out & Wiring Repair
>> Nintendo Switch SD Card Wiring and Pinout Diagram

The dilemma 

Unfortunately no Nintendo Switch Schematic exists yet, so have had to research missing parts or repair other things along with the standard repairs people request after trying to do it themselves or other repair attempts.

The Switch Schematic while would be very helpful.  Using another working switch to pull part values from has been most helpful.

We don’t recommend doing these repairs and replacements if you aren’t comfortable soldering tiny parts or surface mount components.

If you need help getting your Switch fixed, contact us or do an online order here and get it over to us. 

There are several methods, I prefer to replace the FPC but some people prefer to wire the SD Card directly to the Port which will make the Switch SD Tray a permanent fixture.

I’ve also found the FPC part has gone up in price dramatically lately, but may have settled back down by now. 

So what happens when the SMD components are all ripped off with no schematic?   Most of you know that these parts aren’t labeled, and it can be a chore to find the values on some of them.

Using another Switch I was able to measure the components that were ripped off and get the SD Slot working again.

If anyone has any information on where to get a full list of parts or schematic that is available, feel free to reach out, or perhaps we can work on building one.

I know certain pieces of these parts lists exists to some extent, but unsure if a full schematic with parts list exists. 

Most of the board parts was sourced below is compiled from GBATemp user mattytrog, I added some of my findings to the photo.  

As time goes on I will add them as I find more that I find broken or need replacements.

Feel free to reach out if you have anything to add to this schematic >> here <<

Nintendo Switch Switch Major and Minor Parts & Part Values

If you want us to replace components on your Nintendo Switch, please contact us or place an order >> here <<

Switch Schematic Parts


Nintendo Switch USB-C Pin Out & Wiring Repair

Created this over the course of several weeks with Switches sent in for repair, It comes in handy for certain repairs needed, especially demolished Switch jacks.

Hopefully it helps some of you out there that repair these for an easy way to troubleshoot power and connection issues in relation to the jack.

Nintendo Switch USB C Charging Pin Out

Nintendo Switch SD Card Wiring and Pinout Diagram

Normal symptoms, such as “Switch Not Reading SD Card” “Randomly SD Card Disconnections” and sure enough some SD Port legs were missing.  We’ve been seeing this more and more lately.

The connector legs on the SD Port from Nintendo is a bit flakey and can break even just with normal usage. Repairing the Nintendo Switch SD Connector Slot on the board is no problem.


I have verified this hardwire method for the SD Port to board works as well:

You’ll want to use a fine .1mm enamled copper wire to get this next part going if you don’t want to use the surface mount method above for the SD FC Connector.

Source of image from GBATemp user mattytrog



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