PS5 HDMI Repair

PS5 HDMI Repair

We hear often from our customers that this is the first time they have broken the HDMI port on any Playstation that they have owned. Over the years we have done many Playstation HDMI port repairs but with the launch of the new PS5 there has been a significant influx of requests for this repair. This is due to cheap parts from the factory like cheap brittle plastic port housing and low quality HDMI ports.   




Aside from normal wear and tear the most common way the port breaks is due to  frequent plugging/unplugging  of the HDMI cord. This happens when people travel with their console or move it from room to room. The damage can also happen if the console falls while still plugged in, if there is impact directly where the HDMI port and HDMI cable meet.  If you use too much force when plugging in your HDMI cable you can break your port. We have also noticed that many of the HDMI cables that come with the consoles have a longer tip than standard HDMI cords. This could be a factor with overall stability as the tip doesn’t go fully into the console and is more vulnerable to pressure or impact.


Before assuming your port is broken here are a few things you can troubleshoot that will help narrow down the issue. 

  • Make sure your TV is set to the correct input channel for your PS5 console.   
  • Make sure HDMI cable is connected securely to both your PS5 and to the back of your monitor or TV. Unplug and reconnect the cables to both the console and your TV.
  • Rule out the HDMI cable being the issue. Remove the HDMI cable from your PS5 and use it in another device that supports HDMI and see if it displays. Examples of other devices include a laptop or a desktop.
  • You can also try a different cable if you have another HDMI cable on hand. 

If you have tried all the above suggestions and your PS5 is still not displaying, chances are your HDMI port is broken.

Inspect the HDMI port. Does it appear damaged? Do the pins appear bent, chipped or broken? When plugged in does the HDMI cable seem loose if you wiggle it?

Not all damage is visible to the naked eye, sometimes the damage is behind the port itself where the Port sits onto the PCB of the PS5.



YES!!!!! PS5 HDMI ports are actually one of our favorite repairs to do around here. We will remove the faulty port and solder a new HDMI port onto the board. We use only high-end, better than factory HDMI parts along with stronger solder to keep the port in place. 

If you are interested in having us repair your PS5 click here to visit our shop and add the HDMI service to your cart. Get all the details on what you need to do and where to ship it from the above link. If you live locally in Connecticut you can drop it off at our office during our posted business hours. We will get your PS5 up running in no time at all so you can keep playing  your favorite PS5 game like Horizon Forbidden West or Rachet and Clank Rift Apart. 

Visit our instagram to see past PS5 HDMI repairs and other console jobs we have done.



Depending how the port sustained damaged there can be other physical damage to the board itself. Obviously we are unable to know if there is additional damage until we inspect the board under our microscopes.  If we do come across other issues it is not the end of the world. We will take pictures of the damage and let you know what it will cost to do the additional work. 

A failed repair attempt is the most common reason why a PS5 will have additional damage. When not removed properly the attempted HDMI port removal can cause damage to the surrounding areas of the board. Improper HDMI port removal can also rip the pads under the HDMI port.

Ripped pads can also occur when the port takes physical impact damage, specifically when a console falls while plugged in. This is due to impact directly where the HDMI  cord plugs into the HDMI port. When the console falls in such a way the port  pulls up in such a way that it can take out pads in the process.

Knocked out or missing SMD components can also occur from port damage or a failed repair attempt. The SMD components are located all around the board and around the HDMI port. We have seen  HDMI ports completely detached from the board because they have been pushed in very aggressively. When the HDMI port  is damaged in such a way it can crack off the SMD components that are seated behind the port. 

Electrical Damage is another form of damage we have seen with PS5 consoles. Specifically a failed HDMI retimer chip. Unlike the other damages listed above we are currently unable to perform this repair. This is because HDMI retimer chip’s for PS5’s are not currently available for purchase. We will be able to diagnose if it is in fact the retimer chip or something else.  


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